נייר SMS

נייר SMS

נייר SMS




1.virgin SMMS roll stock

2.Slited and packaged in Fomed clean room verified to meet ISO14644-1

3.single color sheet in blue or green

4.two colors' sheet (one side blue and another side green)

5.available in different sizes of sheet

6.available in 40g regular weight, 50g heavy duty, 60g multi-pac and 40g alcohol repellent

7.for applications requiring high strength to reduce risk of puncture or tearing.

8.applicable as inner wrap and also outer wrap for medium and large sets.

YSM-030 30cm*30cm 2000pcs/ctn
YSM-040 40cm*40cm 500pcs/ctn
YSM-045 45cm*45cm 500pcs/ctn
YSM-050 50cm*50cm 500pcs/ctn
YSM-060 60cm*60cm 500pcs/ctn
YSM-075 75cm*75cm 250pcs/ctn
YSM-090 90cm*90cm 250pcs/ctn
YSM-100 100cm*100cm 250pcs/ctn
YSM-120 120cm*120cm 200pcs/ctn
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