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About the company

Totaltech Group is Israel's leading vendor of end-to-end solutions for the biotechnology, chemicals, electrical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and military industries. Since the company was founded in 2012, the company has accumulated a strong reputation and know-how in its fields of business with the goal of providing its clients a top-quality response customized to their needs. The company's activity is handled through seven divisions, each with its own specialization:

  1. Clean Rooms and Laboratories
    This division provides consultancy, planning and set-up services for clean rooms in Turn key projects customized for the client's needs in all industries. The division's products include laminar stalls and cabinets, chemical and biological hoods, cabinets, and cleanliness tests.

  2. Work Tools and Disposables
    This division markets disposable equipment for clean rooms and laboratories from class1& up Among the division's products: cleaning cloths ,disposable, cleaning supplies, Furnitures, Laminar Fume hoods, Ionization.

  3. Tool & Machine Division
    This division offer leading tools for electronic pharmaceutical, lab, among our products: ESA lesting&measuring: ESD hand Tools, Microscoups, Vacuum machine, Ionization, Fume Extractor, Partical counter etc.

  4. The AntiSatic
    This division responds to the market challenges with a wide range of products, including laboratory design, anti-static flooring, testing and measuring equipment, ionization systems, and much more.

  5. Packaging Products
    This division imports and markets a range of packaging machines, the packaging manufacturing machinery, and peripheral products for preserving goods leaving the factory floor. The division offers products with a variety of features, ranging from anti-static packaging and custom made packages (aluminum foil) to absorbents.

  6. Mobile and Architecture Furniture
    This division designs and sets up factory floors, clean rooms and laboratories, including anti-static flooring, PVC anti-static and epoxy floors, work stations, and anti-static furniture, anti-static chairs, and chairs for clean rooms and laboratories, carts, and modular shelving systems for a wide range of industries.

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About TotalTech

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